Monday, September 7, 2009

Bananas Installation

The Digital Primitive Event is temporary as it is the Temporary
Museum for New Design. The event shows a today’s reality is fragile
(like the Bananas) and completely new. It is a survey on a culture and
reality - social, biographical material, financial, of a particular historical
and productive moment of New York City.
Digital Primitive opens new routes in practice and in design. In this
exhibition crude elements are transformed trough advanced processing
methods as simple bananas that when repeated and organized
with a precise logic are turned into design.
The concept of pattern banana stems from the idea of mixing lively,
fragile elements to create an installation deriving from several iterations
of a same component. Component that derives from raw material
that during the 7 days will transform the installation from green to
yellow. Its organization (in this case a set of rules organizing the
distance of the nodes of bananas and the number banana bunch.
Rough materials are processed through a set of iterations managed
with advanced processing devices (like in the case of the parametric
rules organizing the system of Parametric Bookshelves ; or the iterative
production process transforming the rough birch plywood of the
Rapigattoli Chair in a design piece).
The intricacy and sophistication of digital technology are brought into a
new reality.

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