Monday, September 7, 2009

Digital Primitive #02

EXD'09 Lisboa 09

"Experimenta is a knowledge production unit operating in design, architecture and design culture. Experimenta's field of action is contemporary cultural productio, observed from an inclusive, multidisciplinary and trasversal perspective. Experimenta's activity combines critical thinking, concept development and creative up-to-dateness, resulting in a consistent and incisive intervention in the social, cultural and economic contexts it engages.
Based in Lisbon, the Portuguese capital, Experimenta has achieved international projection through the development of high-profile projects, as well as the partnership and collaborations established with a network of institutions, agents and creative practitioners from all over the world. Strongly committed to innovation and open to new challenges and contributions, Experimenta is an enterprising work and discussion platform which views culture as a key element for sustained development in contemporary society"

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